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Rhett McClure

Video Producer

Firespring, Ad Agency

Advertising Agency Firespring goes to axle Video for their workflow solution .

Firespring, an advertising agency with roots in video production, needed to expand its capability to meet the growing needs of their clients. New tactics and technology provided more opportunities to serve clients, and the company now needed a digital media workflow strategy to match.

To meet those challenges, the medium-sized agency purchased a shared storage and networking environment that included media asset management from axle Video. "It's great bang for the buck.” said Rhett McClure, video producer at Firespring.

The agency has a combination of both 10GbE and GbE workstations running Adobe Creative Suite accessing their Small Tree TitaniumZ-8 storage server, including both iMacs via Thunderbolt to 10GbE, and a DaVinci Resolve color grading suite via 10GbE and PCIe.

Rhett says that media asset management and transcoding duties are handled by axle Video's Gear appliance, which offers a simple media management solution at low cost. Gear combines two rack mounted Mac minis in a tightly-coupled configuration with axle and Telestream software to create an optimized media management and transcode appliance in 1U of rack space. The axle Gear system gives wider access to the contents of the TitaniumZ from laptops and iPads anywhere in the Firespring organization, by creating searchable low-res proxies of all media files on the storage. Axle Gear also provides a searchable browser interface with custom metadata, timeline-based selects and review and approval workflows.

"It's really about serving our clients in a better way. This has made our creation process a lot easier," said McClure. "We can throw pretty much anything at it and it doesn't complain.""

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