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Meg Hanley

Documentary Filmmaker/Editor

Meg Hanley, an early axle adopter based in Long Island, NY, is a perfect example of a how our customers are using axle to do great things.

A documentary filmmaker and editor, Meg found herself in charge of a video archiving project involving thousands of hours of footage from a variety of legacy videotape formats. To complicate things further, these needed to be logged and searched from around the world using a web interface.

Luckily, her search for a solution brought her to axle. Meg was able to determine that an axle appliance, in conjunction with affordable QNAP network-attached storage and IBM LTO6 data tape drive hardware, could do exactly what she needed.

Despite having no in-house IT staff and very limited IT technical experience, she has been able to create a comprehensive and trustworthy archive that is searchable, browseable, and available for collaborative access.

“I love the system,” says Meg, “because it lets me tackle a much bigger project than I could otherwise on my own and without any major professional help. The axle browser interface presents every video clip, music clip, photograph and document of this extensive archive in a very easily viewable and playable format. I never need to wonder where things are or what’s on a given tape volume, or worry about any unauthorized access while my colleagues get their jobs done very simply and systematically from anywhere they can get online, including mobile devices.”

Thanks, Meg!

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