The Team

Even though our company uses web technology extensively in our products, our team believes that there's no substitute for direct contact with customers - whether in person, by phone, Skype or email. We hope you can take some time to share your requirements with us, and look forward to continuing to sharpen our focus and rapidly evolve axle to meet the needs of the emerging market for affordable video workgroup tools.

We look forward to hearing from you at, or +1-617-262-9222.


Sam Bogoch, CEO

Sam spent the last five years in director-level product design, product management and business development roles at Avid. Sam's exclusive focus was Avid's Interplay product line, which he helped grow from a very early 1.1 version into an industry leader. In 2010, Frost and Sullivan named Avid the leading DAM/MAM vendor in market share and revenues. Today, there are over 2,000 Interplay deployments worldwide.

Patrice Gouttebel, Product Manager

Before co-founding axle, Patrice spent seven years as the product manager (and previously customer support manager) for SeeFile, a lightweight digital asset management system for photography and print media. Patrice has extensive experience with web coding, user interface design, and perhaps most importantly, direct customer dialogue.

Steven Ryan, Lead Engineer

Before co-founding axle, Steve was the lead programmer on SeeFile, as well as a series of distributed processing and client-server software projects developed at Torque Systems. Steve has an in-depth background in coding, including years of experience developing compilers for Intergraph, an early RISC processor vendor.

"Finding and using media is a simple and swift process, thanks to axle’s unique software and increasingly affordable storage and networking technology. axle puts this capability within easy reach of any creative studio and even the living room."

Sam Bogoch, axle Video CEO

We'd love to hear from you.

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