Everyone knows that well-managed assets are a critical part of your production workflow. And, almost everyone has an idea that Cloud should be able to help with all of this... somehow!

Its true. The latest cloud-delivered technologies have the potential to supercharge your media workflow. But not if they are too complicated to use.

Finally, someone has taken the complexity, fiddly setup, and the whole ‘I need it to work like my local filesystem’ mess of the cloud, and made it incredibly fast, powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable. Its called axle Media Cloud.

axle Media Cloud is the award-winning axle video production media manager engine integrated with Wasabi’s revolutionary cloud storage offering. Together, this solution has the power to change how you think about your cloud-based workflow forever and we’d like to show it to you in our next webinar.

Sign up for the axle Media Cloud webinar to see our demo and learn how:

  • the axle Media Cloud works - giving you the best of the cloud ‘available-everywhere-at-once’ storage for your entire team, even if remote or on the road
  • Wasabi’s breakthrough low storage cost and simple pricing and incredible performance give you, massive, fast, cloud-based storage (how about 10TB starting at under $400?) to power axle’s powerful media and asset tools
  • ‘cloud-powered’ media gives you immediate access to groundbreaking new cloud-based image and video analysis tools: crank through massive transcoding tasks on demand, instantly make your assets more valuable with cloud-based image-tagging and analysis tools, or perform incredible image-based search across your entire library.

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