What is axle?

We make media management radically simple. Our software connects with the storage you already own, using your existing folder setup. doesn't force you to check in files to special locations, or upload them to the cloud. And you access it from any web browser, smartphone, or tablet.

Why is axle taking off?

Because there's an explosion of media being captured, edited and distributed – and too few tools for managing it. axle makes sense not only for broadcasters and post houses, but also for corporate video groups, not-for-profits, universities, churches, sports teams – anyone with videos and photos to manage. It helps you get a handle on the media you have, across all your storage locations.

Will it work with my storage?

axle works with nearly any type of storage used for media files. axle connects seamlessly with network attached storage (NAS), storage area networks (SANs), RAIDs and hard drives. axle catalogs the files you have, where you have them. It also supports many archiving systems which write and read LTO tapes, the industry standard for archiving media files.

Which editors does it support?

All axle systems are compatible with Adobe (Premiere Pro, Prelude) and Apple (Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X) editors. Special configurations that add compatibility for Adobe Anywhere and Avid Media Composer / Symphony workflows are coming soon.

Who uses axle?

Over 350 creative teams worldwide are already using axle. Examples include CBS News; TheStreet, a web-based financial news broadcaster; INSEAD, Europe's leading business school; the LA Dodgers baseball team; and Intuit, the leading developer of accounting software and online services.

How does axle help?

axle makes your team much more productive almost immediately. It makes your existing media files searchable, browsable from a range of standard devices (rather than just edit stations), and ready for collaboration, logging and review and approval. The software can be set up in less than an hour, and almost no training is required for users. axle Gear takes these core capabilities and adds the ability to create new versions of clips and selects in a variety of formats that you can configure.

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